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Things You Need to Know Before Starting Up Your Scooter Resale Side-Hustle

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With money being tighter than ever, many people around the world are starting up their own side hustles. This can be across any number of niches, but as a rule, if you are going to start a side hustle, you are more likely to put the necessary work in if it is something you are passionate about.

While people love cars of all descriptions, and the larger types of motorcycles have a very strong following (especially among men of a certain age), there is also a passionate fanbase for mopeds and scooters. If you share that passion, and you want to use this as the basis for your side hustle, that’s all well and good, but you do need to think about some things first.

Where Will You Source Your Scooters?

You already have some important knowledge, and you can back that up with more research if your want to create some steady cash flow. After all, you are not just going to happen upon one of the world’s most collectible scooters sitting there rusting in somebody’s garage every week. You are far more likely to find midrange scooters that need a bit of work, get them up to scratch, and sell them on. To do this consistently, you need to keep an eye on several sources:

  • eBay listings across the country.
  • Facebook marketplace and selling pages.
  • Local newspapers.
  • Specialist scooter forums.

All of these can prove to be valuable, but surprisingly enough, the scoter forums will probably be the least useful as everyone on there will be unlikely to sell.

Find the Right Shipping Partner

This is important for two reasons. When you are buying, you want to buy from anywhere, so will need a reliable scooter transport company to make sure it gets to you in the same condition it left the seller. 

Also, when selling, you will want to have something in place so that you can ship the scooter to its new owner. People often limit their searches because they are worried about scooter transport, but by sourcing a company on https://www.shiply.com/us/scooter-transport, you can appeal to more people and get a better price for your scooter, or at least sell it that bit faster.

Space to Work on and Store Your Scooters

There is a very good chance you won’t have enough room to work on or store more than one or two scooters at once, which can put a real dent in your cash flow. It can also be very frustrating if you see a bargain, but cannot get hold of it because you don’t have the room. You can sidestep this by renting out space, and the location will be very important.

Ideally, you’d want somewhere close to your 9-5, so you can go in on your way home from work. If, on the other hand, you are working on your side hustle at weekends, you can pick almost anywhere. Old farm buildings can work very well, as long as they are accessible to get your bikes in and out.

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