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Cat in Blender Gore Video causes Uproar on Social Media

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In the Cat Blender video, a  man is seen turning on a blender and inserting a cat inside. He then went ahead and microwaved the cat. The conduct is extremely cruel and horrible because the cat was still alive when it was put in the blender.

The video encourages animal cruelty. A Cat In A Blender Video can be seen in a blender jar in the video while a person starts the blender. The cat is being brutally tortured. In the video, the cat’s condition appears to have deteriorated.

It is currently unknown who took the footage for the aforementioned video. Because of the Chinese lettering on the blender’s exterior, some people on the internet think that the movie was shot in China. In an effort to dog the evildoer and turn them in to the appropriate authorities, a large number of internet detectives are searching for their identity.

People have, however, responded to claims that the video is fake by claiming to be sorry. This one makes specific reference to a well-known Chinese blogger, whose apology’s translation makes it clear they’re discussing abusing cats. Now, this is one of the problems with the entire circumstance. The person who made this video, the events that followed, and our actual knowledge of the facts surrounding this situation are completely at odds with each other. This occurred in China. It has been extremely difficult to confirm the facts in this case because there has been no coverage of it by the mainstream media.

A lot of this has come from word of mouth on TikTok and indifferent Instagram threats, as well as a lot of people who have very graciously translated information that appears to be related to this case, but there isn’t much confirmation. This is just on a really bad video surrounded by a cloud of misinformation, which is extremely tragic because it appears that we will never know if the perpetrator of this bad video will ever face any consequences at all. Having said that, there have been alleged photos of the perpetrator posted all over social media, with no confirmation on whether or not this individual is the actual individual who did this.

Since this has happened before, I believe it’s crucial to emphasize that it’s best to hold off on drawing conclusions until there is concrete evidence that the people being accused of committing these crimes have, in fact, had some involvement in them. This evidence should come from law enforcement or even Chinese media. That being said, as of 8:52 AM Pacific Standard Time, the same user who posted the later-posted photos of the alleged Cat in Blender Video guy has vanished from sight.

In a short amount of time after it was posted, the video received millions of views on TikTok and Twitter. The video received more than 900,000 likes and over 8.5 million views. “Thank you to everyone who shared this story and contributed to the unfortunate cat’s right to justice.

After seeing the video, several TikTok users expressed guilt about watching it.

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